The SWOT of the 2016 Real Estate Industry

I was incredibly honored this past week to be asked by my colleague Joe Rand to be a late addition to a panel he was moderating at the Inman Connect Conference on the “SWOT” of the real estate industry. My fellow panelists were Pam O’Connor, CEO of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and…Read More »

State of J. Philip Real Estate 2015 Edition

A year ago at this time I was happy to share how 2014 had been, by far, the best year in the history of the firm. We had opened 3 new branch offices, expanded our team to almost 70 agents, and set records for sales production. It would be a tough act to follow.  2015…Read More »

Ossining Schools Area Classic Homes

I LOVE these classic homes- here are some great homes at great prices with character, style and an awesome lifestyle.

Zillow Acquires Ashley Madison

SEATTLE In the very same week that the Zillow Group set social media in the real estate space on fire with their purchase of software firm Dotloop, CEO Spencer Rascoff has announced the purchase of website It is unknown how the dating platform for cheating spouses fits into Zillow’s model, but industry insider comments…Read More »

J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes Brittany Alvarez

Jennifer Maher, the manager of our Mahopac office, has done it again and hired another renaissance woman. She and I are  excited to announce the affiliation of Licensed Salesperson Brittany Alvarez with the firm. Want to hear glowing praise? Check this out: “Ms. Alvarez’s reputation in Putnam County precedes her. Brittany is known as a…Read More »

Q Branch

I am biased, but I think I have the best people on my firm’s team. That’s why the company has grown through an era in the industry when many other firms disappeared. One of the very best examples is Angela Johnson. In August, 2012 when Angela joined the brokerage I wrote this: …”it is with immense…Read More »

State of J Philip Real Estate 2014 Edition

If you’ve noticed the conspicuous absence of updates here let me assure you that the reasons are all good. I am fine, the company is fine, and we have been busy. I have lots of good news to report. First, after our best year in 2013, I wrote a year ago that I could foresee…Read More »

Preparing a Home to Sell: 2014 Westchester Spring Real Estate Market

“De-cluttering” is so 2008.  As I advise new clients listing their homes on the market to sell this spring, I am surprised to see how their jaws drop when I start the pre-sale preparations not with tidying up, curb appeal or repairs, but with fighting the battle online.  Here’s what I mean: Before the 2014 consumer visits…Read More »

On Being Hudson Gateway MLS President

After 4 years as Vice President of the Multiple Listing Service, this past Thursday I was sworn in as 2014 MLS President. I have to admit that it was a proud moment, but I also feel very strongly that there is quite a bit of work to do. Our association has merged with 3 other…Read More »

On Being Household Name-or Not.

Name recognition is something all business enterprises aspire to have. A good reputation, a book of business, “getting your name out,” is the goal of every company. In a brand conscious place like Westchester County, it is the holy grail. That being said, industry specific circumstances often make that aspiration a constantly moving target. For…Read More »

State of J. Philip Real Estate 2013 Edition

I am happy to share that 2013 was perhaps the best year in the company’s history. Not only did we crush our 2012 numbers, but J. Philip Real Estate exceeded some lofty goals I had set a year ago.  2013 was the first year that the firm closed over 100 transactions. That was my most…Read More »

The Most Compelling Economic Indicator for Real Estate on Earth

As the real estate market cycles into a recovery, talking heads are discussing what index will be the most accurate predictor of the 2014 market. Will it be new housing starts? Employment? The DOW?  I beg to differ. In 2014, we’ll be busier than any year since 2005 due in the largest part to one…Read More »

My Return From Blogging Hiatus

While I never intended to take a formal break from writing, one day a guy wakes up and sees that he hasn’t posted an update since August. It wasn’t planned; nothing bad happened to me. I have just always felt that I would never “force it,” and I had nothing to say for a while.…Read More »

Greg Fischer on Moving

I seldom “curate” content of other blogs but this is too thought provoking and insightful to not share. Greg Fischer, a pretty profound real estate broker in Fort Worth, Texas penned an outstanding piece on moving entitled Moving the feelings|Sometimes boxes are the easiest things to pack. VERY good stuff, and while you are there…Read More »

Why You Can’t Steal a Co-op

While the real estate market here in Westchester and the Hudson Valley is certainly on the mend, one vestige of the old buyer’s market, the would be-buyer with the low ball offer, is still with us. Typically, the justification for the low offer is one of two things: the property is unsold, or the property…Read More »

ZtreetEasy: Zillow Buys StreetEasy

The casual consumer may not find this subject terribly interesting. Market watchers and industry people will be talking about it all day. Earlier this month, President Obama was interviewed by Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff on the state of housing in the United States. The National Association of Realtors, feeling snubbed perhaps (although they shouldn’t. The…Read More »

What Can You Buy in Ossining for $675,000?

What does $675,000 buy in Ossining, New York?  I’ll tell you. $675,000 just got someone a 2004 built 3600 square foot 5 bedroom 3.5 bath colonial with a killer view of the Hudson River from the rear deck. The Birch Court neighborhood is on the old grounds of the Briar Crest nursing home, and the…Read More »

What can you buy in Ossining for $260,000?

What does $260,000 buy these days in Ossining, New York?  I’m glad you asked. Interesting story: I was referred to a very nice couple who had a cute little cape in the Campwoods neighborhood that had just expired off the market after being listed by a major franchise in our area. They were assured by…Read More »

A Tale of Two Tweets: AOL Real Estate Schools Forbes

I follow both Forbes and AOL Real Estate on Twitter. I have always viewed Forbes as the standard of excellence in financial journalism, but in my view, this morning they got schooled by AOL in responsible reporting. Both linked to recent stories on the real estate market on Twitter this morning, and both could not…Read More »

J. Philip Real Estate Welcomes Emilia Csak!

It is with great pride that we announce our newest associate to the firm, Emilia Csak. One of the great things about my life is the opportunity to work with people who bring things to the table that I do not possess. In the case of Emilia Csak, that is a pretty long list. In her…Read More »