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I am biased, but I think I have the best people on my firm’s team. That’s why the company has grown through an era in the industry when many other firms disappeared. One of the very best examples is Angela Johnson. In August, 2012 when Angela joined the brokerage I wrote this: …”it is with immense…Read More »

State of J Philip Real Estate 2014 Edition

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If you’ve noticed the conspicuous absence of updates here let me assure you that the reasons are all good. I am fine, the company is fine, and we have been busy. I have lots of good news to report. First, after our best year in 2013, I wrote a year ago that I could foresee…Read More »

Preparing a Home to Sell: 2014 Westchester Spring Real Estate Market

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“De-cluttering” is so 2008.  As I advise new clients listing their homes on the market to sell this spring, I am surprised to see how their jaws drop when I start the pre-sale preparations not with tidying up, curb appeal or repairs, but with fighting the battle online.  Here’s what I mean: Before the 2014 consumer visits…Read More »

On Being Hudson Gateway MLS President

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After 4 years as Vice President of the Multiple Listing Service, this past Thursday I was sworn in as 2014 MLS President. I have to admit that it was a proud moment, but I also feel very strongly that there is quite a bit of work to do. Our association has merged with 3 other…Read More »

On Being Household Name-or Not.

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Name recognition is something all business enterprises aspire to have. A good reputation, a book of business, “getting your name out,” is the goal of every company. In a brand conscious place like Westchester County, it is the holy grail. That being said, industry specific circumstances often make that aspiration a constantly moving target. For…Read More »

State of J. Philip Real Estate 2013 Edition

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I am happy to share that 2013 was perhaps the best year in the company’s history. Not only did we crush our 2012 numbers, but J. Philip Real Estate exceeded some lofty goals I had set a year ago.  2013 was the first year that the firm closed over 100 transactions. That was my most…Read More »